Hanoitourist Corporation holds conference for 2019 main business tasks

08/04/2019 10:26


Hanoitourist - On February 14th, Hanoitourist Corporation organized  a conference to assign subordinated units the main business tasks of 2019.

Toan canh IMG 8399

Addressing the conference, CEO Pham Quang Thanh announced that the business performances of Parent Company and the subordinated units in 2018 and January 2019 had essentially met the goals and achieved substantial growth.

Sep Thanh 2IMG 8401

In that spirit, the CEO also urged the Parent company and the subordinated units to keep up the performance and to create an employees’ evaluation mechanism in order to strengthen the workforce before equitization.

At the conference, the directors of the subordinated units and joint-venture/joint-stock companies also reported on their performances and business goals for 2019.

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Concluding the conference, Chairman of Hanoitourist Board of Members - Mr. Nguyen Minh Chung stated that 2019 was a decisive year for the corporation before equitization.  In order to continue growing the Hanoitourist brand, Mr. Chung asked the companies to apply technology in financial management, human resources management; prepare detail development goals for 2019 and constantly improve professional skills, English proficiency for the workforce./.